15 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

If you’re a digital marketer, you’ll know how fast digital marketing trends are evolving in the industry. Staying up to date and applying the best practices in SEO and digital marketing is much easier with the help of tools.

Therefore, this article points out the best Google Chrome extensions for Digital Marketing. Do not miss it and keep reading!

What are the best Google Chrome extensions for Digital Marketing?

If you still don’t know what an extension is, they are like applications that you install in the Chrome browser and that, like mobile phone apps, fulfill specific functions that improve your browsing experience.

For example, when you install Google Chrome, YouTube, Mail, and Google Search automatically appear. Chrome has more than 12,000 extensions available. Take note of the best Digital Marketing Chrome extensions below :

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is a free extension for Chrome and Firefox that provides very interesting data about the different web pages for SEO. It offers you, among other things, a detailed SEO report on the page, checks broken links, positions in the SERP, etc.

In addition, you also get key SEO metrics for each website you visit and their Google search results, keyword metrics such as search volume, and keyword difficulty.


Bitly is an extension that allows you to create short and personalized links from any web page. Creating short and recognizable links will be easier to attract more users to enter to see the content. 

There are two ways to create these links. One is by clicking the extension on the toolbar or right-clicking on a page to create a short link to the current URL quickly.

The link is automatically copied to the clipboard, and you’re ready to paste it into a post, message, or document.

Keyword surfer

Keyword Surfer is another one of the best digital marketing Chrome extensions. It is totally free. It allows you to see search volumes directly in Google search results.

It’s the fastest way to reveal search data, perform keyword research, and get content guidelines right when you’re searching for something on Google. Among other things, it offers you the following information:

  • search volume
  • CPC
  • keyword suggestions
  • Related terms
  • Visibility Metrics

SEO Pro Extension

This tool also helps you check and analyze the primary SEO information of a website. It is a free extension for Google Chrome. It helps verify and analyze the data for better search performance.

You can get the meta tags, links, and script with a few clicks. Also, to check the title and its length, H1 to H6, images with and without tag attribute, internal and external links, etc.


Transcribe is another of the best Chrome extensions that are very useful for digital marketing. It is a tool that facilitates the transcription of audio and video.

Thanks to this type of platform, you will be able to increase productivity and save a lot of time by converting your interviews, audios, conferences, or any recorded speech into text.


Mozbar is another tool specially created for SEO professionals. It gives you the metrics instantly as soon as you view any web page or SERP search. Below are the things you can do, among other things:

  • Create custom searches by country, region, or city
  • Evaluate the page and domain authority of any website
  • Access and compare link metrics between pages
  • Search for keywords and differentiate the links according to their nature
  • Export all page details

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

This extension allows you to take full screenshots of a web page or any part of it and edit them and record videos directly from the screen. The interface is straightforward to use, and there are three ways to take a screenshot:

  1. With the help of the address bar button
  2. With the use of the context menu
  3. Clicking the quick access button that they have programmed in the tool settings


It is an extension created for all those professionals or private users who continuously work with Google Docs.

Thanks to a series of commands offered by the platform, you can quickly format documents. Just typing the ‘/’ will bring up all the formatting commands, from H tags to enumerated lists. Likewise, just typing “h1” will apply the text formatting.


SEOQuake is another of the best Digital Marketing extensions for Chrome, especially when it comes to search engine optimization.

This tool does a quick analysis of a web page and offers all kinds of valuable information for marketers. Among other things, it gives you the following data:

  • meta tags
  • existence of robots
  • Page Rank
  • Alexa position
  • Sitemap
  • Analyze internal and external links
  • Images

Hootsuite Hootlet

Thanks to this Hootsuite extension, we can share a link, image, or content with just one click in all the profiles that we have configured in social networks. The goal of Hootsuite Hotlet is to make it easy for social media professionals to post.

Hootlet is perfectly integrated with Google and all its tools. When performing a search, a crescent appears where the search term will appear in the Twitter timelines.

Once it opens, we will have the possibility to reply or retweet and even add these words to a column in Hootsuite without entering the platform.


We often need to contact someone from another company urgently, but we can’t afford to call the customer service phone. In this sense, Hunter is an extension that brings together all the public emails of a web page so that you can contact whoever you want without problems.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a web service aimed at designers and screenshot enthusiasts, with the main function of collecting and providing specific feedback on screenshots and designs.

Awesome Screenshot extension is the complete tool to capture and share part or all of the images on the navigation device, with the ability to add text, annotations, lines, arrows, and various shapes directly on the captured image.

Collaboration is also facilitated through targeted commentary directly from the participant or viewer on the captured and annotated image.

Tag Assistant Google

This tool is created with the aim of detecting that the tags on our website are correctly installed. It works with both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager or Google Adwords. Thanks to this extension, we can know if the tracking codes are well implemented.

Social Analytics

Social Analytics is another of the best Digital Marketing Chrome extensions. With a single click, this extension shows us all the web page statistics.

It gives us details like how many times the page we are on has been converted and where it has been shared. It is beneficial to analyze the competition and measure the number of times a post has been shared.

Responsive Web Design Tester

Last on the list of the best Digital Marketing Chrome extensions is Responsive Web Design Tester. It is an extension with which professionals can see how their website looks on different mobile devices.

Knowing this information allows us to play with different sizes, formats, and devices. For this, it is essential to have the web page optimized since, in order to position better in search engines, Google takes it very much into account.


What do you think of this article about Digital Marketing Chrome extensions? Which one do you prefer? Leave your comments and share!

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